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Woodoc Stain 20ml

Woodoc Stain Concentrates in natural wood colours No longer need the natural colour of wood restrict you from expressing your life style. The range of Woodoc Stain Concentrates is available in eight natural wood colours, allowing you to tint wood to the colour that suits your needs. Click for more info.


Woodoc 10 Indoor Polywax Sealer Clear Velvet

A smooth velvet finish suitable for indoor applications. The gloss level of the finish can be adjusted during application. Click on Image for Options


Woodoc 20 Indoor Polyurethane Sealer Gloss

A polished, grain filled finish. Most suitable for high traffic woodwork like door frames, tables and counter tops. Click on Image for more Info


Woodoc 35 Exterior Polywax Sealer Clear Low Gloss

A low gloss sealer for general outdoor applications. Woodoc 35 offers excellent UV- and moisture protection. The same base sealer as Woodoc 30 Clear but with transparent iron oxide additives that improve the UV-protection. Has a wax fraction that feeds the wood.


Woodoc Totim Exterior Wood Sealer

A high quality sealer with excellent water-repellent characteristics and UV-protection you can trust.
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