Juizebox Potable Power Station

Product Code: 70300
Weight: 3.00kg

Price: R6,500.00

The Juizebox offers unrivalled capability at a fraction of the price of similar solutions. The priceless take-away is peace of mind and an uninterrupted lifestyle.

Affordable power for everyone!

Uninterrupted power for your essentials:

TV + WIFI - for up to 5.5 hours
10 LED LIGHTS - for up to 5 hours
280 LITRE FRIDGE - for up to 7 hours
LAPTOP COMPUTER - for up to 15 hours
DESKTOP COMPUTER - for up to 4 hours

The cost of a full charge is only R1.10!

* These estimations may vary depending on usage combinations and scenarios.

The cost of a full charge is on

Uninterrupted, silent power
Combining UPS and inverter technology, it seamlessly switches between normal electricity and battery power
With built-in electronic charge management & overload protection
Fully portable: With a weight of only 4.8 kilograms
Dimensions: 290mm x 159mm x 158mm
​Guaranteed for 1 year!
2 x Standard 3-pin plug sockets
​(adapters included)
2 x 2 prong sockets
3 x DC 12v sockets
4 x USB sockets
1 x USB Type C socket
​1 x car lighter socket

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