Pvc Green Plastic 3mtr x 30mtr x 250 Micron Thick

SABS Green Plastic is both high Quality and carries the SABS mark of approval
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Pvc Black Plastic 3mtr x 30mtr x 150 Micron Light Duty

Black Light Duty PVC Sheeting is 150 Micron Thick and can be used For a variety of different uses. Some examples are for covering items to prevent moisture or sun fading as well as installing under goods to prevent rising moisture from damaging goods


DPC Dampcourse SABS 250 Micron

Dampcourse is best utilized in preventing rising damp in walls. It prevents Efforescence and flaking of the wall covering. It will not absorb water and is chemically inert. 
Dampcourse comes in different widths to suit wall sizes
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