Tile Adhesive 20kg Surefix

Product Code: 160190
Weight: 20.00kg

Price: R40.89

TYL-PRO Surefix Tile Adhesive is a multi purpose cementbased adhesive. Suited for use in interior and exterior conditions, walls and floors, thin and medium bed applications. Can be used for the fixing of mosaic, ceramic, stone, brick and clay tiles to cement render, screeds, concrete and primed fibre cement surfaces.
This product is not recommended for use on white or lightcoloured highly absorbent tiles as it might cause staining. For installation of the above mentioned tiles the use of TYL-PRO White Tile Adhesive or TYL-PRO White Mosaic Profix Adhesive is recommended
(SABS Code of practice for the Design and Installation of Ceramic Tiles Code 0107 – 1996)

• New concrete floors - 6 weeks curing time prior to tiling can commence.
• New concrete floors - 4 weeks curing time before screeding and
• Screeds - Additional 4 weeks before tiling can commence.
• New brick walls - 6 weeks curing time before direct bedding.
• New brick walls - 4 weeks curing time before plastering and
• Plaster - Additional 2 weeks before tiling can commence.
• RECOMMENDATION -Wood floated surfaces are ideal for tiling. For power floated/ steel trowelled surfaces and tiling onto existing tiles follow step 5 below under the paragraph surface preparation/ conditions.
1. Application surfaces must be solid/firm and free of dust, mould oil, grease, sealers, wax polish, bitumen, paint, gypsum and organic growth. Organic growth must be removed and the spores killed with an effective fungicide such as a household bleaching solution.
2. Painted and Gypsum-plastered surfaces need to be chipped to minimum 80% to remove the paint or Gypsum.
3. Enamel-painted and bitumen surfaces: Strip all of the coating by scraping and then chip to expose minimum 80% of the application substrate. DO NOT USE A SOLVENT BASED PRODUCT OR HEAT (HEATING TORCH) TO REMOVE BITUMEN FROM THE SUBSTRATE.
4. Existing ceramic tiles surfaces: Clean thoroughly with undiluted TYL-PRO Tile Cleaner. Leave on the application surface for minimum 5 minutes to re-act. Rinse thoroughly with cold clean water to neutralize the acid. Allow to dry completely before tiling commences.
5. Smooth, off-form/shutter or power-floated cement surfaces
Acid wash to remove laitance, rinse well with cold clean water to neutralize the acid. NOTE: Allow to dry completely before tiling commences.
NOTE: Once the surface preparation has been completed on the above problem surfaces, the area must be primed with TYL-PRO Surface Key Compound mixed with TYL-PRO Keying agent. (Two parts of TYL-PRO Surface Key Compound to be mixed with one part of TYL-PRO Keying Agent and applied with a builder block brush to a thickness of ± 2mm and allowed to dry for 24 hours.)
1. Mix 20kg of TYL-PRO Surefix Tile Adhesive to ± 5 litres of cold clean water. In wet or permanently wet tiling conditions, suspended slabs replace the water in the mix with TYL-PRO Bonding Agent..
2. Mix to a creamy smooth paste. Mechanical mixing will result in a lump free, easier to use mix.
3. Allow mix to activate for 5 minutes.
4. Remix product before use. DO NOT ADD MORE WATER.
5. Do not mix more adhesive than can be used within ± 1 hour.
1. Spread enough adhesive with a notched Wall or Floor trowel to a minimum bedded thickness of:
• 3 mm for wall tiling and 6 mm for floor tiling.

• Heavily lugged, grooved or dovetailed tiles must be buttered to fill any voids with adhesive before placing into wet adhesive.

2. Press tiles firmly into wet adhesive with a twisting action. Use a rubber mallet to bed large or heavy tiles.

3. Occasionally lift a tile to check that full contact is being made between the tile and the wet adhesive.
• Remove excess adhesive from joints and tiled surface before drying has occurred. Minimum grouting joints for walls is 2 mm and for floors 3 mm or as recommended by the tile manufacturer.
• Do not butt joint tiles.

4. Tiles must be allowed to dry for maximum 24 hours before they can be grouting takes place. (For sealed or nonporous surfaces allow minimum 48 hours)
• GROUTING: Ensure that the joints are free from tile adhesive and any other foreign matter.
• Use TYL-PRO General Purpose Tile Grout. (For sealed or non-porous surfaces allow 48 hours.)

5. In wet, permanently wet conditions and suspended slabs replace the water in the mix with TYL-PRO Bonding Agent.

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