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Flap Discs For Portable Grinders

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Address the flap disc at an angle of 30º to the workpiece for stock removal. Lessen the angle for the final blending passes. Let the flap do the work, use less working pressure than for angle grinding discs for best grinding performance and flap disc life

Always choose a Flap Disc at least ONE GRADE COARSER than the Fibre Disc being used to obtain a similar finish with the same aggression
Flap Discs are increasingly popular as an alternative to abrasive fibre discs. They complement the use of depressed centre grinding wheels, and are the preferred option on light gauge sheet metal or stainless steel where finish is important.
Fast stock removal due to the 80m/sec. operating speed. This also makes the product suitable for rough grinding
In many cases the number of working processes are reduced - both rough and intermediate grinding can be done with the same Flap Disc
Flap Discs can last 20 to 30 times longer than Fibre Discs, but only cost between 10 to 15 times as much. You save in material costs, plus downtime whilst Fibre Discs are being changed.

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